Great Lakes Association

Great Lakes Association

Healthy Churches, Leadership Development, Ministry Multiplication

The Great Lakes Association (GLA) of the North American Baptist Conference exists to resource the mission of the local church. We seek to encourage, resource and network churches to accomplish the mission of making disciples.  This is reflected in our rich history of planting churches, resourcing existing congregations and developing leaders in order to reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   We believe that together we can accomplish more than we can alone.   The twenty-eight churches associated with the GLA are committed to working together to accomplish the mission of making disciples.

The GLA is led by our Leadership Team and our Regional Minister, Terry Holley.   We  work with local church leaders to provide resources in the areas of church planting, coaching pastors & leaders, consulting existing congregations and leadership development.


NAB 2018 Triennial

Our next Triennial will take place in 2018 in Edmonton, Alberta. The theme is "Shaped." Just as the potter shapes the clay, so we too are shaped by God for mission. Join us in the beautiful river valley of Edmonton, Alberta, July 26–29 for Triennial 2018.

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